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Custom Built Wardrobes for Optimal Space and Storage
Stylish Built in Wardrobes, custom made to your liking. Visit for Latest Impressive designs of Built in Robes in Melbourne and the wide area.
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Built-in Wardrobes

Built-in Wardrobes

We can help you plan your build in robes to your needs with the combination of hanging rails for long and short garments, shelving and drawers. That way you will be able to use up the given space.

Built-in wardrobes have the ability to provide significantly more space than a freestanding wardrobe. If your room is uneven or contains curved walls, the most effective way to cover that space is through the design and installation of a custom built wardrobe. When a wardrobe is properly designed and installed, it allows for optimal space use and storage. It also has the tendency to be more cost effective than a freestanding wardrobe.


We are able to custom design and build wardrobes to suit your size and shape requirements. They are able to contain full length mirrors and clothe rails for hanging your clothing. There are a wide variety of material finishes and designs available also to match your current or future bedroom furniture. Our styles portray exciting designs and interesting combinations that include all features, interior and exterior.

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